Things are getting better, I hope!!

Lets see,how do I begin. Well, New Years was okay. Thats about it. It all came to a head on
January 6th. Myself,my wife and my daughter were in our car, stopped at a light about 10:45
A.M. when we were hit from behind! My first reaction was anger because I was afraid they ladies were hurt. Upon seeing that they were okay, I calmed a bit. Then I got a look at the damage. Bent,jammed trunk lid,both tail lights wasted, bumper destroyed, frame bent, right
rear door jammed, and exhaust system hanging. This wouldn't have been a problem had the car not been 12 years old and had 171,000 miles on it. And seeing that the other woman's car had
little or no damage didn't help. Oh, she admitted fault and,got a summons for traveling too close but, it didn't end there. The driver's seat had been broken as well, which made the car
near impossible to drive. They (her carrier) rented us a nice car and paid us in a timely manner. A relative sent us a few more dollars and we were able to purchase a nice replacement
vehicle. The insurance check came in a timely fashion and,so did the money order from my
family. Oh, were having a little trouble getting hold of the car we just bought, and I'm
still outta work, and were still having troubles paying bills, Mom is still in pain down in Fla. But strangely enough, I'm staying positive for a change. Ya think this is an omen? Or am I just jerking off? Time will tell!! Hope your week is going well!! Love from the bulldog!!

Happy New Year!! (I think)

Well,a new year is upon us. A new decade fresh with the promise of things to come. If I sat here and denied that bad things would happen this year,I'd be irresponsibly incorrect. If I
sat here and and declared that things would get better,that would also be incorrect. So what do I do? Just go back to feeling depressed? Or should have a positive out look? Hmmm, that's
a tough one. So,should I look forward to the new year? Or, should I dread it? The God's honest
truth is, I just haven't a clue. Lord knows, I've started this year with a bang. Literally!
I ended/started with my Mom's car accident and the loss of my job. We managed to get most of the bills payed in December and even managed a few Xmas gifts. Maybe the new year will be better for all I thought. NOT!!! On January 6th, we were headed to a dentists appt. for my daughter and we were about a mile form the office. I stopped the car at a red light and...
BAM!!!! We were struck from behind by another vehicle!! She admitted fault and we were told
that she had good insurance. My car is 12 years old and has 171,000 miles on it! If they total it, I'm screwed! Book value is not what you'd say high for this day and age. So I wait for the adjuster to come on Monday. In the meantime, no one wants to hire a 50-ish,high-
school,educated me. The job market is so bad out there that even folks with PHDs can't find work. So the fact remains, A Happy New Year? Or the same old bullshit? Oh well, I'll just go back to existing day in, and day out. My dear departed Mother-In-Law used to say, life is like pushing turds against the tide! You gotta keep pushing them away otherwise they end up on your beach! The only trouble is, my beach is 5000 miles wide and I'm only one guy!!
Till next post kiddies, SAME BAT TIME!! SAME BAT CHANNEL!!! Love to all!!

2010...A Better Year!!

My Friends,It is time once again to say goodbye to another year. A decade filled with history
making events,tragedies,life losses,financial strife and bad luck for most working class-
folks! We have seen the decade start with a monumental tragedy of the greatest magnitude,
and end with the election of an African-American man to the white house. There are-
predictions that the recession will get worse,spiraling out of control like a bowling ball
dropped from a tall building.Then again, there are those who say that it won't be that bad-
at all! That we, as Americans, are resilient and we will bounce back. We will not bounce back unless the greed stops! Unless people start giving without believing they will get-
something in return. If big business would start dropping prices and just live with the-
profits they already have, maybe they might be able to sell more product. And if other
companies down the street did the same,they might be able to hire more folks! If that
starts a trend,the economy would improve, unemployment would go down, the government would
have more money because food stamps would not be needed as much. Folks would have their own
medical plans, be able to pay their bills,keep their homes,cars,stay warm. And,lo and behold
folks would be happy!! Because thats what its all about,isn't it? Happiness? Look, the majority of us want to be rich. But most of us would be happy if we could just pay our bills
and maybe take a trip somewhere or,eat at a nice restaurant. Or maybe buy a new car, stereo,
large appliance or furniture. But none of this will ever happen! Because greed takes
center stage every time. Its a basic human emotion. Just like the desire to be rich,which kinda walk hand in hand. Only, greed will be our downfall as human beings. It will eventually
destroy all life as we know it.We will develop into a kill or be killed society, and survival will be the watch word for us. Yes, 2010 needs to be the year that the greedy need to change. Because if it doesn't, we don't change, God himself will finish us!! If we don't finish ourselves first!! Best wishes and Happy New Year to all!! We'll need it!!

Writer's Block: You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" is my all time favorite animated Xmas show. "Christmas Vacation"
with Chevy Chase is another one. As far as any that I can't stand, theres really none that
I don't like. But life for me is not over yet!! So, that may happen too!!!

An Absolutlely Horrible Week!!!

A week ago yesterday,I went down to Florida to help out my sister with my Mom. Now, just to get you all up to speed,Mom was involved in a car accident a few years back on her way up to visit myself and my family. She sustained serious back injuries which had to be operated on several times in recent years.She was getting better until my idiot of a Stepfather ran his car off the road and slammed a group of trees breaking Mom's back.Back to the O.R. Mom goes.
Steel rods in the back,etc,etc. Then the hospital allows her to get out of bed without a nurse
present guessed it!! Down she goes!! Breaking one of the screws on the rods in her back!!So, they have to go back in. Then, lo and behold, she develops a staph infection!!
The hospital she is in is a 120 bed,3 floored,nightmare!! With incompetent nurses, idiotic doctors, and completely stupid nurses aides!! They rushed her out of the hospital to the other side of the building and into rehab when they knew she wasn't ready and now they are kicking her out because she can't tolerate the required 3 hours of rehab a day and,medicare is insisting they won't pay for her to stay there!! OMFG!!!!! Now she has to go to a nursing home for rehab and shes not even ready for it!!Mom is in constant pain and the doctor is saying that after an MRI, that its the infection that's causing the pain! My sister is pulling
out her hair and is seriously losing her mind!! I was down there a week and it nearly killed me to see my Mom screaming out in pain!!And still is in excruciating pain!! And the doctors don't seem to have a clue as to whats causing her pain!! All I can say is DAAAAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMM!!!! This makes me afraid to grow old and get sick!! In the mean time,I
had to fly home because the damned airlines wouldn't change my return date without a mountain
of fees,which I didn't have!!! I say again people!! OMFG!!!!!!


People always ask what you are thankful for at this time of year. I am very thankful this year! I'm thankful for my wife,whose courage,warmth,companionship and above all love has
gotten through an extremely tough time that threatens to keep coming! My daughter who is as
beautiful at 24 as she was when I first laid eyes on her, My older son whose warmth and love
is a constant source of support, and my youngest son whose depth and determination show love
in everything he does as well as being a constant source of encouragement! The people I just
mentioned mean more to me than anyone person in the universe! I wouldn't trade my life with anyone at all!! Material things mean nothing to me without my family. The trials and tribulations I've been through this month would have made me a suicide statistic if not for them! Things will get better! I know that now! I believe it because they believe it!! I want to thank all my Lj friends for their love and support especially those not on my friends list
that took the time to comfort and reassure me!! God Bless You all!

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What's the best pick-up line you ever heard (or tried)? What's the worst? If you're instantly attracted to someone, will a stupid pick-up line dampen your interest?
I am posting this to say that I have been uncerimoniously fired from my job! Now, in some respects being fired isn't the worst thing in the
world that can happen to a person. In my case, considering the state of employment and/or job availability, my age, ( nearly 50), and the
bills I have to pay, its disasterous! And the way I got canned is a lesson to be learned for all!! So read carefully and heed my words all,
because this is dangerous! Aside from Lj, I have a facebook account, and had a myspace account. I no longer have a myspace because,
one of my so-called friends from work has seen fit to let my bosses know that I have been posting about my job troubles and that I've
made remarks that were being perceived as threats! Granted I was wrong for what I said but, I was just venting! Basically because assault is against the law and I'm seriously not that kind of person! Never the less, I received a phone call yesterday morning saying that
I had threatened them and was hereby terminated from their employ. Nice huh? Nothing is sacred anymore! If you yell and scream at someone you get arrested! If you do it in public u get arrested! My point is if any of you have a myspace account or the like, put privacy filters on them! Because if you don't sure as shit some flag saluting asswipe, some fucking do-gooder, some cowardly butinski, will use
it against you!! Watch yourselves guys and gals!! Because big brother is always watching!! Starting over at my age is gonna be real rough.
But I have no choice! Later guys!

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Writer's Block: Yes, offense taken

If a friend or relative makes a racist or homophobic remark, do you tend to confront them or let it slide? Are you more likely to confront them if it offends you directly or someone else who seems reluctant to speak up?

Racist and homophobic comments or even insults for that matter are just pure ignorance!!! So, I chalk it up to that!!